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How To Make Specially Made Bows

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Specially Made is known for a few things: supporting local businesses, creating unique and bespoke gifts, and building each gift by hand with love and care. One thing people ask us is, where do we buy our bows from?  Well, Specially Made actually ties our own bows by hand and we thought we would share how we do it with you so you can do it at home =)

Yes the process is more difficult and complicated than simply going out to buy bows, however this allows us to use specific colours of ribbon and even better - use ribbon with our clients' logos on it.  Making the bows by hand also allows us to create a specific size of bow to suit the gift better.

Because explaining how to make the bow is a bit complicated, we have recorded a video for you to follow.  All you need is ribbon and a pipe cleaner.  Stiffer ribbon is easier to use however it is not necessary.

Click here to watch the video.

 Happy bow making =)

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