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Behind the Scenes of Specially Made

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Want to know who is putting together your baskets and what goes on behind the scenes at Specially Made?  We created a video on who we are, what we do and how we approach corporate gift giving.  

Please give us a shout at or 587 988 0866 for more information.

How To Make Specially Made Bows

Specially Made is known for a few things: supporting local businesses, creating unique and bespoke gifts, and building each gift by hand with love and care. One thing people ask us is, where do we buy our bows from?  Well, Specially Made actually ties our own bows by hand and we thought we would share [...]

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Gift Giving in Edmonton - What's in Your Basket?

Specially Made is an Edmonton-based company that believes in supporting the local economy as much as possible. By supporting local, our community grows and becomes stronger.  Buying local can help create job opportunities and keep people employed, which in turn, keeps the money invested right here in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  What locally sourced goods [...]

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Introduction to Corporate Gift Giving 101

Corporate gifting… Businesses usually give gifts to three groups of people: their clients, their employees and the people they’re trying to woo – a.k.a – prospective large clients. Gifting is a must, so it should not be seen just as an expense but rather as an investment. You invest in building a relationship with clients and you [...]

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